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Tree plantation grows softwood and hardwood tree seedlings to an average height of 15 feet before transplant for a global forestry industry that benefits from a faster return on timber investment.

Tree Plantation creates instant forests. We do this by growing the tallest tree seedlings in the world. Our proprietary technology grows both hardwood and softwood tree seedlings to an average height of between 10 and 20 feet depending on tree species in just 10 years from tree seed or 7 from tree seedling. This is a huge leap forward for the timber investment community, where quality wood is rapidly disappearing from climate change and unsustainable logging practices. As more and more valuable timber species disappear, prices continue to rise for quality wood, particularly veneer wood that is knot free and clear grained.

TALL TREE SEEDLING BENEFITS - Tall tree plantation seedlings are good for the environment, stop the encroachment of deserts, reclaim land, capture carbon, reduce pollution and make more money, faster.

REDUCE POLLUTION - A tree plantation is one of the most affordable and best ways to reduce particulates from burning coal

BIOMASS - A tree plantation with tall hardwood tree seedlings creates higher BTU Biomass for power plants

HELP THE ENVIRONMENT - An Oil Sands processing plant will create positive PR, reduce environmental fines and develop a green themed stream of income from creating a tall tree plantation

RECLAIM LAND - Tall fast growing tree seedlings are ideal for Land Reclamation projects

REFORESTATION - Three percent of the world’s marketable hardwood timber is lost each year creating a unique opportunity to provide tall fast growing tree seedlings for Reforestation

CARBON CAPTURE - Planting trees in a mixed wood tree plantaion is the most affordable and best way to Capture Carbon from the atmosphere

TIMBER INVESTMENTS - A fast growing temperate timber tree plantation offers investors a ROI that matches typical tropical Timber Investments

Fast Growing Trees

Fast growing trees are an important consideration for timber investors interested in earning more profits as quickly as possible. Fast growing trees give timber investors a significant head start on timber investment by cutting time to harvest by as much as half. Depending on the location of the a Tree Plantation Project, profits could be generated as soon as year 20 for wood pellets, veneer in year 25 and timber after year 30, or the entire project (land together with timber) could be sold anytime after transplant. A Tree Plantation could be leveraged as asset without ever cutting a tree beginning in year 20. Ask us how...

Timber Investment

Timber investment has consistently out performed inflation and the stock market and provides a perfect long-term stable investment alternative. Tree Plantation specializes in growing tall veneer quality tree seedlings for clients interested in maximizing profits and recouping their timber investment as soon as possible.

Tree Seedlings

We grow tall tree seedlings that are knot free along most of the length of their trunks. Transplanted knot free tall tree seedlings will grow into veneer quality timber and fetch top dollar. Clear-grained, knot-free veneer sawlogs grown from our tall tree seedlings are worth 5 to 6 times that of typical sawlogs. Taller more mature tree seedlings are also important for towns and cities where faster maturing trees are desired for developed and congested urban environments.


Hardwood tree seedlings are grown from seed or young transplants. Hardwood tree seedlings are grown to an average height of between 10 and 20 feet depending on tree species; an oak tree will grow shorter than a birch tree growing over the same period of time for example.


YELLOW BIRCH - Plant fast growing Yellow Birch tree seedlings and harvest marketable tree plantation timber much sooner

PAPER BIRCH - Plant fast growing Paper Birch tree seedlings and harvest trees for the manufacture of high BTU wood pellets for wood burning electrical power utilities

FRUIT TREES - Growers with a small orchard can double their profits growing pears, peaches, apples, plums, apricots and cherry trees

SUGAR MAPLE - Fast growing sugar maple tree seedlings help tree plantation owners earn profits in half the time

BLACK CHERRY - A lack of growth slowing soil pathogens in Europe presents a unique opportunity to create a fast growing Black Cherry tree plantation in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France

BLACK WALNUT - Our Black Walnut tree seedlings from the best cultivars that displayed rapid terminal bud growth, straightness, minimal branching and diameter growth for faster timber production

FRUITWOOD - Fast growing Fruitwood tree seedlings are the first step to earning profits that rival those of rare tropical tree plantation hardwoods

RED OAK - Northern Red Oak sprouts profusely and this helps greatly with Red Oak stump regeneration. This makes Red Oak an ideal choice for a sustainable wood pellet tree plantation

BLACK LOCUST - Fast growing Black Locust trees are a great choice for tree plantation owners looking for a faster return on their investment planting 20 foot tall seedlings in year one of the project

Tropical And Sub Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical and sub-tropical Hardwood tree seedlings are also grown from seed. Tropical Hardwood tree seedlings are grown to an average height of 20 feet in just 10 years from seed.


PAULOWNIA - Plant Once a Paulownia Tree is harvested, a new tree will grow from the old stump making it one of the best "regeneration for timber" plantation trees producing up to 8 trees from just one cut stump

ECALYPTUS - Plant Fast growing Ecalyptus trees is far superior than most sub-tropical tree species because it can be harvested a few short years after transplant


Softwood tree seedlings are from 3 year oild seedling transplants using a combination of dormant period pruning, specialized species by species propagation techniques, enhanced growing environment, patented propagation components and periodic applications of proprietary mixtures of plant growth formula that work to create a tall, straight and clear-grained softwood tree that is ideal for a veneer or dimensional wood tree plantation.


WESTERN RED CEDAR - Creating a forest of tall, knot-free clear-grained Western Red Cedar seedlings is advantageous for timber investors for many compelling reasons including high end use for wetlands and shortened time to harvest

WHITE PINE - Knot free White Pine sawlogs can bring prices that rival those paid for oak and walnut due to a shortage of long length dimensional White Pine clearwood

INVESTMENT AND PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES - We grow tall tree seedlings for companies interested in reclaiming land, generating positive PR, capturing carbon, reducing environmental fines or growing high dollar value veneer or dimensional timber plantations. Clients can retain Tree Plantation to grow tall tree seedlings under contract on their land or ours. Alternatively, we can build a fast growing tree nursery anywhere in the world where tall tree seedlings can be transplanted right on site. Joint Venture Partnerships may be arranged were the Client and Tree Plantation grow trees for a specific project. Typically, the client has funding and land for the project and Tree Plantation builds a tree nursery to grow and transplant trees in a managed Tree Plantation.

We will build a fast growing tree nursery using our proprietary Tree Pots™ to grow just about any tree species for any tree plantation anywhere in the world. More Info


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