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Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation creates instant forests. We do this by growing tall tree seedlings in the shortest time possible. Our patented technology grows hardwood and softwood tree seedlings to an average height of 10 feet in just 5 years from seed. In a world where quality wood is rapidly disappearing due to climate change, insect infestations and unsustainable logging practices, Tree Plantation is poised to effect great change by implementing fast growing tree technology on a global scale.

Legacy Forests

The idea of creating a legacy forest was born out of the sober realization that many of the trees we know and take for granted are on the verge of extinction. This shocking revelation prompted Tree Plantation to develop pragmatic solutions to a growing global problem. After years of research, we are pleased to announce that our first Legacy Forest Program will be initiated in the fall of 2015.

Fast Growing Trees

Fast growing trees give plantation owners a significant head start on their timber investment by cutting time to harvest in half, an important consideration for timber investors looking for a return on their investment as quickly as possible. A typical tree plantation could generate profits in as little as 20 years for wood pellets, veneer in year 25 and timber after year 30. Alternatively, the entire project (land together with timber) could be sold or leveraged as an asset anytime after transport.

Timber Investment

Timber investment has consistently out performed inflation and the stock market and provides a perfect long-term stable investment alternative.

Tree Seedlings

We grow tall tree seedlings that are knot free along most of the length of their trunks. Transplanted knot free tall tree seedlings will grow into veneer quality timber and fetch top dollar. Clear-grained, knot-free veneer sawlogs grown from our tall tree seedlings are worth 5 to 6 times that of typical sawlogs. Taller more mature tree seedlings are also important for towns and cities where faster maturing trees are desired for developed and congested urban environments.


ontario hardwoods

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FRUIT TREES - Growers with a small orchard can double their profits from fruit trees using this method to grow pears, peaches, apples, plums, apricots and cherry trees

NUT TREES - Nut trees produce on average 100,000 nuts per acre however; nut trees can produce three times that using our high density production methods

SUGAR MAPLE - Fast growing sugar maple tree seedlings help sugar maple tree plantation owners earn profits in half the time

BLACK CHERRY - A lack of growth slowing soil pathogens in Europe presents a unique opportunity to create a fast growing black cherry tree plantation in countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France

BLACK WALNUT - Our fast growing black walnut tree seedlings from the best cultivars that displayed rapid terminal bud growth, straightness, minimal branching and diameter growth for faster timber production

FRUITWOOD - Fast growing fruitwood tree seedlings rival the profits of rare tropical tree plantation hardwoods

RED OAK - Fast growing northern red oak creates an opportunity for short cycle sustainable tree plantations harvested for timber, veneer and wood pellets

BLACK LOCUST - Currently, there are no black locust tree plantations in North America. This is a huge opportunity for tree farmers living in temperate climatic zones

YELLOW BIRCH - Yellow Birch wood is becoming more rare as the few remaining large diameter yellow birch trees are cut from the natural forest

PAPER BIRCH - Fast growing paper birch trees help tree plantation owners harvest paper birch for wood pellets, plywood veneer, birch syrup and biomass sooner

Tropical And Sub Tropical Hardwoods

tropical trees

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PAULOWNIA - Once a paulownia tree is harvested, a new tree will grow from the old stump making it one of the best "regeneration for timber" tree species

EUCALYPTUS - Fast growing ecalyptus trees are far superior than most sub-tropical tree species because eucalyptus can be harvested a few short years after transplant

BLACK EBONY - Black Ebony has now been classified as an endangered species and many forestry experts are predicting it will be gone in 15 years unless a concerted effort is made to create extensive planting programs

MAHOGANY - Mahogany is one of the most valuable tropical hardwoods in the world prized for its beauty, durability, and color

TEAK - Currently there are two international teak growing programs available to international citizens. The first program is offered in Panama, the second is in Costa Rica


coniferous forest

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WHITE PINE - Knot free white pine sawlogs can bring prices that rival those paid for oak and walnut due to a shortage of long length dimensional white pine timber

WESTERN RED CEDAR - A western red cedar tree plantation improves less valuable wetlands, provides flood control and creates ongoing monetary value


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Tree Plantation

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